Our Partners

Quality education comes from being a part of the local community. We partner with the following institutions in the local community to ensure the children in our care are given the best possible education.

Becky Adlington

Total Fitness is our partner and our home and we are located just inside Total Fitness on Denmark Street through the door next to the reception desk.

Becky Adlington offers premium swimming lessons for children above the age of 3 at Keep Fit Kids. Parents can sign up to this programme at any time through the Swim Stars website. Our children have Preschool swimming sessions on Tuesday and Fridays at 2.30pm. Attendees can expect to guidance in flotation aids to gain confidence and strength in the water, whilst taking part in water safety classes at least once a month.

Total Fitness
Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors is owned and operated by our lovely friend Vanessa who comes into nursery on a Wednesday and a Friday morning to lead our Forest School sessions and Indoor Science classes. The children engage in activities surrounding their immediate environment, supporting their local community and are given an understanding of the world they live in. They enjoy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experiments, investigations, and model making and are always given the opportunity to explore the world around them.